about us

With decades of experience in the global onshore & offshore and shipping industries, Tecnoil has established itself as your partner of choice to understand and translate your clients’ demands. The experience it has acquired over these years resulted in the development of multiple solutions for the generation of new businesses and the setup, across Brazil, of leading companies that needed to understand the Brazilian market more thoroughly.

For Tecnoil, there is no ready-made formula. Each project demands unique and tailored deliveries and resources that are planned out by establishing close relationships with clients and by forging partnerships with synergy to achieve the best results. By doing so, we do business design.

We research, plan and create promising alternatives to generate opportunities and efficiently implement new players in Brazil.

We focus on high technology and play a key role in the introduction of new services, such as: single point mooring, maintenance and offshore logistics. As an intelligence hub, we tailor our services to both the Brazilian and the global markets. We operate with a focus on excellence and transparency in the sale and purchase of products and services, fair cost and low carbon emissions. Our focus is on perpetuating businesses.

We understand that our industry is undergoing a far-reaching transformation and we want to stand by our clients in this scenario of changes, while committing to translating all of these challenges into innovative deliveries and results, anticipating trends and helping them win new territories.

Tecnoil is a tradition that renews itself with respect, impact and vigor at each challenge.


How we do it

Our projects are highly customized, as we have been cementing long-term relationships with our clients. To ensure excellence, we work with a Specialist Manager dedicated to each business, to make sure we deliver a comprehensive and focused service.

  • We study the market, our potential clients and our competitors to identify opportunities.

    Technical analysis of competitive price levels to be practiced in the domestic market.

    We minimize risks by showing local costs and advising on the best way to import assets, by recommending customs partners. We present local content strategies, compliance with the Brazilian standards (NRs), partnerships with engineering companies and implementation of an operational base.

    Assistance in registration processes for the purposes of joining lists of suppliers.

    Assistance in the drafting of proposals, negotiations and contract management.

    We comply with the latest compliance laws, such as the FCPA, UK Anti-Bribery Act and the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law.

    Back office: assessment of needs; support to teams and clients; scheduling of meetings; booking of hotels, reservation of flight tickets and transfer arrangements; organization of workshops and events.


We have built a legacy: we have a close-knit team that is focused on identifying opportunities and speeding up global long-lasting businesses.


Our history has turned into result and reputation. For decades, we have been doing business in fair and transparent way and delivering an ethical and valuable job. We abide by all compliance laws, including the FCPA, UK Anti Bribery Act and the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law.

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